Sign a contract

Intermediaries, better known as Football Agents, are part of the modern day game.

It is only right and proper that a player seeks advice and representation in contractual negotiations with a club, and the quality of that advice and representation is crucial.

In April 2015 FIFA removed the regulations governing agents, changing the name from agents to intermediaries and replacing the regulations with minimum standards to be implemented in Scotland by the SFA.

The SFA and the clubs could have, but chose not to, add to the minimum standards which leaves you, the player, in a vulnerable position. It is vital therefore that you follow the guidelines below to protect yourself.

As our role at PFA Scotland is to protect the rights of players, we have put together the below list to safeguard our members:

  • Firstly, ask yourself if you actually need an intermediary to negotiate on your behalf and then why.
  • If you do, speak to a number of intermediaries to get a feel for what is on offer and don’t just jump at the first one. 
  • Always READ your Representative Contract thoroughly before signing it
  • If you are unsure about anything then you are entitled to ASK for independent legal advice
  • Ensure you KEEP a copy of the contract for your own records
  • Contracts should NOT be for any longer than a period of TWO YEARS
  • If you are under 18 then your representation contract must contain a three-month notice clause to enable you to terminate this agreement.
  • FIFA recommend that agent fees should be between 3-5%
  • Check who is paying any fees involved in the transfer – you or the club - and if you have any future tax liabilities (p11d)

If you are in any way concerned about your representative contract or want advice before signing one, then please contact a member of the team at PFA Scotland