Coaching Courses

Become a coachCoaches watching Scotland team trainingCoaches watching Scotland team trainingCoaches watching Scotland team training 

PFA Scotland can provide players with up to date information on coaching courses and advice on the most suitable for their ambitions.

The Scottish Football Association (SFA) provides coaching courses in the following areas:

  •     COACHING CHILDREN (aged 5-12)
  •     COACHING YOUTHS (aged 12-18)
  •     COACHING ADULTS (aged 18 and over)

Further information on these courses and details of the new coaching pathway and structure can be found at:


The next UEFA ‘A’ and ‘B’ License introductory courses start 20/12/2018 at Hampden Park. If you are interested in any of these coaching course or any other feel free to get in touch with Chris Higgins on 07719 902438 or email or alternatively follow the above link to find out more info on all up and coming SFA coaching courses or contact Judy Wilson on 0141 616 6071.